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January 27, 2015 Comments Off on Corporate Responsive Website Design for Local Social

Corporate Responsive Website Design for Local Social

One of the most important reasons to insure your website is responsive is that potential customers are using their smartphones and tablets to lookup everything locally today. Visitors, prospects, or customer might be right outside your door using their phone to look over your company services and products.

responsive web design
Responsive Corporate Web Design

The responsive web design provides you with a foundation for display of your new web design at any screen width or mobile devices. The process of creating a mobile friendly website used to involve a separate mobile theme. Not anymore, as the corporate web design is facilitated using html5 and modern web design breakpoints coded into the website css.

In addition to the main company website design as a responsive website, any ecommerce functions for a company that sells directly online may also use a responsive ecommerce theme design. There are so many tools for utilizing the corporate website sales functions, we recommend using a third party ecommerce tool and most modern tools are designed for responsive UX. This section of the website might be staged on a sub domain like store.yourcompanyname.com or could be positioned in a folder like yourcompanyname.com/store.

There are implications for optimized seo based on the position of additional software for the website. The best part of designing your site for multiple devices in a responsive format is that it looks great to everyone. The desktop users don’t lose the full presentation of the website. You can easily test a web page for responsive design simply by using your cursor to change the width of the browser. A responsive css web design will change layout as you modify the browser width and typically compacts down to a single column view of the website content.

The site will be easy to share and navigate on a mobile device. Often the smaller screen devices will show a hamburger or drawer menu on the interface that reveals the site menu when in a responsive UI view.

This is one of the top reason for corporate website redesign if you are not already using this web format.

March 4, 2012 Comments Off on Best Web Design Celebrity Awards

Best Web Design Celebrity Awards

Featured Actors and Actresses that prove proper design and branding are critical to both corporate website and marketing design as well as career path.

These distinguished celebrities are to be commended for their work and talent.

We will be updating this post with excellent examples of web design for celebrities.

So here’s our Best of the Best Web Design Hat’s off to:

Frank Welker
Johnny Depp
Samuel L. Jackson
Bruce Willis
Tom Hanks
Brad Pitt

Special Encore – Video
Sherry Lynn
Steve Buscemi
Robert De Niro
Jack Angel
Frank Welker
Tress MacNeille
Michael McKean
Jim Cummings

February 29, 2012 Comments Off on Creative Web Design with Responsive Website Design Structure

Creative Web Design with Responsive Website Design Structure

Responsive Web Design allows your website to present in several size formats driven by screen width.  You can actually adjust your web browser width and see the page respond.

Here are some examples of companies that have created responsive website designs for business.


The narrow page version is optimized for mobile devices. Under 960 pixels we see a tablet device optimized presentation.  Above 960 px browser we have a widescreen desktop browser version of the site.

See http://asuonline.asu.edu/

The Advonte Creative Web Design site utilizes a fixed content (non-responsive) structure using WordPress as the site CMS.  The site bacground expands for a simulated presentation for a larger screen fill on desktop browsers.  A fluid web design is no longer utilized that automatically expands to 100% of the browser width primarily due to the complete lack of control for content presentation.

At least with a fixed web design width or a responsive web design width, the content layout and site design structure can be preserved.